About Us



Our Story 2012

In 2012, Mark and Vitek first talked about the idea of a more practical, engaging language learning app – something that wasn’t currently available to support the Czech language.

As practicing Zen Buddhists, they patiently took the time to allow a concept and design to grow and improve naturally and intelligently. As a learning designer, Mark welcomed the thoughts and ideas of his students, colleagues, and friends (some of whom would eventually come to join this permanent team) when adapting and improving this unique learning platform.


In 2016, without any funding, a handful of friends who shared Mark and Vitek’s passion donated their time and began writing and translating content–whenever they could. At first, the team was small. But, working towards a common vision, progress began to gain momentum and the seemingly limitless potential of this product attracted more contributors.


Finally, in 2018, “Ideatech” and graphic designers began developing the app. Our mission remained clear: Make language acquisition fun, intuitive, and meaningful.

Since then, we have expanded our network to include other languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German) and have built up teams to create this content. And we won’t stop there! As the company grows we look forward to including more languages and developing more capabilities that help bring the world closer together through education and communication.

Our philosophy

In our company philosophy, three things have always been paramount to us: (1) People's lives come before schedules and profits, (2) Our pricing-model will be sensitive to each country’s socio-economic status, and (3) We will maintain complete transparency with all our financial data.

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