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Our Story

Imagine being in a new country and you could literally pause someone, their sentence would appear in the air and you could tap to translate any word, then go home to practice and review it in various ways again and again. Sounds crazy? But ideal?

This is the heartbeat of Latudio, a unique and innovative language buddy to overcome the challenges of listening comprehension. It’s the way we learned our first language - a lot of listening, then gradually building sentences.

Latudio’s approach also targets the inefficiencies of language learning where you have to look up words in videos and struggle to choose the right translation, and then figure out how to study the words and their sentence contexts again.

Perhaps also unique to Latudio is the way the business was founded. In the beginning, Mark and Vit, as meditation practitioners, patiently let the concept and design emerge organically as a result of conversations and observations with teachers and language learners.

Without any funding, a handful of friends donated their time to translate and do audio recordings for a Czech version. At first, the team was small. But, the potential attracted more contributors as progress was made on versions for Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

In a competitive market with a wide social media horizon for marketing, Latudio continues as it was founded, intentionally, organically, and gratefully for contributors who can invest the time to grow and build the company.

Our philosophy

In our company philosophy, three things have always been paramount to us: (1) People's lives come before schedules and profits, (2) Our pricing-model will be sensitive to each country’s socio-economic status, and (3) We will maintain complete transparency with all our financial data.

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