Play and Learn a language

Stay engaged with interactive and imaginative storylines
Progress quickly with intuitive and practical learning tasks
Immerse in a growing library of real native voices


Why Latudio

We offer a smart way of learning word meanings in a great number of different contexts.

Experience native speakers with various dialects and improve listening comprehension.

Learn, review and repeat exercises as many times as needed.

Absorb rather than memorize grammar rules and sentence structure through repetiton and practical use.

What is Latudio

Language Immersion

Native speakers’ stories about real-life situations and practical conversations.

Audio Learning

Listen, tap and translate words at your own pace. Practice new words as often as desired!

Have Fun On-The-Go

1,000+ exercises with photos and videos available 24/7

Personalized Learning

Challenging words are saved to a personalized list and available to practice when convenient.

Interactive Learning

Listen – Answer questions – Choose the word order – Practice writing – Record your own voice.

Show Your Progress

Share your achievements with friends and family! Join a growing community and encourage each other’s improvement!

Why It Works

We went out and talked to some teachers and students about the difficulties of learning a language. Hear their stories about using Latudio.


All plans get unlimited access to all current and future language combos, content and features.

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