You have a language buddy who sent you a code!
This code allows you to prolong your trial for another 30 days
If you have used a code from your friend previously, you cannot extend your trial anymore with a code from another friend. But if you want to ADD up to 180 days total, read Become a Language Buddy below.
If you got to this page ACCIDENTALLY, you’ve got two choices
Download the app and give us your email. We’ll send you five emails containing valuable information on how to get the most from using the app. In the fifth email you’ll find directions for secret access to be a Language Buddy and extend your free trial for up to 180 days.
If you downloaded the app already, then go to Account for what is described above.
Become a Language Buddy
You can add up to 180 days total by being a Language Buddy to your friends. Go to the Account section in the app (smile icon in the bottom menu) and leave us your email. You will then get five emails containing valuable information that can help you really acquire the language. Last email has secret access to get the codes to share with your friends.
How this works?
The code automatically extends your CURRENT free trial by 30 days. If your trial or subscription HAS EXPIRED, this code lets you continue for another 30 days for free.
This code does not add more days to an ACTIVE subscription.
Let's do it!
All we need is the following information to send you a notification that extends your free trial:
Account ID
Located in the Account section (smiley face icon on the bottom menu) of the app.
The code your friend has given you.
Congratulations! Your trial has been extended by 30 days.
The server could not process your request for unknown reasons. We're sorry, but you can extend your trial by a code from your friend only once. We're sorry, but this code has already been used. We're sorry, but this code does not exist. Please check if you have typed the code correctly. We're sorry, but we could not find your account, please check if you have filled it correctly. Missing Account ID or code. Too many attempts. Please try again later. Nice try! But we're sorry, you cannot use your own code. Share it with your friend instead! We're sorry, but you can use a code only if you account is still in Trial mode or if you trial or subscription has ended.